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When I first started coaching I was struggling for work. I didn’t know how to connect. I felt awkward about asking for business and referrals, and everything seemed so damn difficult. I felt slimy being “salesy”. And I wasn’t even confident enough in my own skills to charge the prices that I wanted to.

In this piece I’m going to share with you three key principles on how to “get” clients into your practice.

#1 Stop thinking about “getting” and stop thinking of them as “clients.”

This was a breakthrough for me.

I stopped seeing my clients as “clients” and I stopped thinking about people as something to get. Clients are everyday people like you and me who have issues, problems, dreams, aspirations, hopes, traumas, and everything else under the sun. Connect with your heart and be compassionate. When you’re in conversation with a person don’t even think of them as clients? Don’t even think about “getting.” Focus on what you can “give” to them. Focus on how you can serve and offer value. It’s not about them it’s you. Embody this and you’ll have a successful practice.

I take time out of my day all the time for my clients. I give them extra calls, I ask them hard questions, I champion and challenge them all while holding them in a space of love. I’ve even written them poems.

 #2 Stop “searching” for them. People are everywhere. So are problems. If you’re a coach or consultant who struggles like I did for the first year then stop doing everything and simply learn to connect with people authentically. Be engaging and ask them about their lives. Show true care and service.

#3 Don’t hold back your love. And I don’t mean lovey dubby love or telling people what they want to hear. I mean fierce love. Tell them what you’re scared to tell them but what you KNOW they need to hear. Real love doesn’t hold back and is fearless. I’ve loved people so much that I had to say goodbye for them because I knew that we’d only hold one another back. That’s love.            

With Love and Excellence!

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