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Each year I take time out of my week to focus on what it is that I want to create for 2019. I check in with myself and ask, “What am I committed to creating this year? What do I want to accomplish? Who do I want to become?”

Many of us don’t keep our New Year’s Resolutions because we don’t understand our own psychology. However, if we understand our own psychology then we can take things to the next level and keep our resolutions and commitments.

In this piece I share with you an exercise that will allow you to keep your 2019 resolutions and intentions without the SHAME and GUILT!

#1 Write down a New Years Resolution for each of the following categories on page 2. Be as specific as you can.  I.E. (“I will make 100k this year”, as opposed to “I want to make more money.”

#2 Then write the payoff for accomplishing that goal, how does your life change and get better because of it? I.E. (“I will make 100k this year so I can put a down payment on a house which would give me a sense of security and peace and responsibility about my life.”)

#3 Have a symbolic image or representation of this goal to remind yourself of this goal. I.E. (A check written for 100k and posted on your refrigerator with a picture of the house you desire.”)

#4 Write the payoff for not changing or going after this goal? I.E. (If I don’t go after making 100k then I don’t have to make cold calls or meet with new people which can feel awkward and scary. I’d feel safer not.)

#5 How can you get that payoff another way? I.E. (After every 5 cold calls I make I can reach out to someone I love and care about and get their support to reinvigorate me)

#6 What are the actions you need to take to realize your goal? Attach deadlines if appropriate.

#7 What is the next step you can take towards your goal? When will you have this completed by?

#8 Who do you have to be to make this goal? What kind of person?

#9 How will you create accountability for realizing your goal? (I.E. “I will check in with my coach and ask him to hold me accountable.)

For 2019, if you fill this sheet and do everything that it says I can GURANTEE you that you won’t have an issue holding your resolutions because you’ll have an inherent system built up against the mind’s natural resistance to change.







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