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Do you ever get stressed about politics or big business?

I remember when I first got back from the War I started doing all my research around the military industrial complex and co-vert ops, a corruptive politicians.

I’d spend so many hours getting frustrated and upset about things I couldn’t control. And that’s what most people do. Unconsciously. I was wasting all my mental energy on things OUT of my control.

In this piece I’m going to share with you How To Use All Your Mental Energy correctly! First, I’ll share with you the concept of Zones as it relates to Control, Influence, and concern so you can understand what’s worth using your mental energy on and what’s not. And then I’ll share with you how what you focus on determines the level of empowerment you feel.

This model is a 3 wring map showing what we have control over and what we can influence, and then what is 99% out of our control.

The 1st and most important ring, is the ring that we have most control over. It’s called the Circle of Control and it is made up of our everyday actions. We can get up on time for work. We can tell our family we love them. We can play music, write poetry, and anything else we humans love to do. Its the ring that holds our Actions and Attitudes. Things we can CHOOSE to control.

The 2nd is our Circle of influence. These are the things that we cannot directly control but rather influence with word and action. For instance, you cannot control the romantic interest you desire however you can influence her by focusing on your Circle of Control. Taking actions like buying him or her nice things, wooing, or any other clever strategy. This circle of influence is defined by our relationships to the world. Influence only happens through relationship. The more connections you have to other people the more influence. This ring is governed by the level of authority you poesses and the skills you have in communication and rapport.

Finally, there is the Circle of Concern. This is the circle you have little to no control over but what effects every aspect of your life from your relationships to your work to your quality of life. For instance the weather, government, and big corporations fall into this category. You have next to no control over these ones however ironically a majority of the world focuses on this one.

Why is this deter-mental to your health?

When you focus on the things you can barely control you will feel powerless! It’s the logical outcome. The world will feel scary and too big for little small you!

I know that’s how I felt when I got back from war and focused on all the government corruption and Double Dealing Overseas within the military industrial complex.

What did I learn?

I learned to shift my focus on my Zone of Control. I may not be able end war or government corruption but I sure as hell can set my alarm clock, get out of bed, and speak with clients about their worlds and empower them. And then they go out in the world and create change in their own way.

Want to know the irony?

The irony is that the more we focus, or spend mental energy on our circle of control the larger that circle becomes and affects the other circles. Your influence grows and if you make it big enough, like Nelson Mandela who lived in a South African prison for 27 years focusing only on his circle of control, you too can affect great change in the world.

That man focused on the zone of control for 27 years until that’s the only place his mind went. And once his internal mind and world was only filled with that the external world reflected that reality back to him and he became the president of South Africa.

“Be the change you want to see out there in the world by focusing on what’s right in front of you.”

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