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How was your 2018 year?

Did you meet all your goals?

What changed in your life?

Is it still the same?

For industries that thrive on New Year’s Resolutions like health and wellness/fitness industries the first month of January is a perfect time to make all the sales. There is something about starting with a new slate that feels great! The promise of a brighter and better future.

However, most people find that after three weeks of hard work their new resolutions have been broken and they give way to the “I’ve already eaten one,” principle.

What’s the “I’ve already eaten one principle?”

The “It’s only one principle” is the principle that says if we’ve already eaten one piece of chocolate then why not try two, three, four, or ten.

It’s how we slowly fall out of our resolutions and back into bad habits.

Today, I’m going to share with you the real reason why we unconsciously fall into bad habits so easily. Then I’m going to share with you an exercise so you never have to break a New Year’s Resolution ever again.

The real reason why we fall into bad habits so easily, even after being so determined and resolute, is because we get a reward for them.

Even if they harm us!

Everything we do in life we do because we’re expecting either consciously or unconsciously to get something from it. For most individuals it’s to escape pain and go towards pleasure/ecstasy.

However, depending on our conditioning our being has learned to get rewards, emotional rewards such as love or affection, social rewards such as recognition, or even physical rewards such as wealth.

I’ll break it down.

Everything you do can be broken down into these three main categories.

Desire:                                                                  Action:                                                                  Payout:

This process controls our life. And just having this knowledge and then applying it can be incredibly empowering.

We get a payout of every action we take. And for many of us we get good payouts for doing things that seem to be harmful to us or self-sabotaging.

For instance, take little Johnny.

Little Johnny is six years old. He doesn’t get much attention from his parents because his parents both work hard out of the home. One day little Johnny gets sick. His Mom suddenly gives him more love and attention and allows him to stay home from school. Little Johnny learns that if he has this desire for love, then all he needs to do is BE sick, and then he gets the attention from his mother that he so deeply craves.

The desire is attention, the action is getting sick, and the payout is love.

So when you start to feel like you want to break your New Year’s Resolution go immediately to the payout that you’ll get if you don’t. If you want to lose 20 pounds and look thinner, yet by week three that chocolate cake is looking delicious ask yourself, “Is the delight of having a chocolate cake more valuable to me then my significant other being deathly attracted to me?”

Remember everything that you could ever want is on the other side of disciplined action.

With Love and Excellence.

Jared Bull.

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