Group Coaching

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Group Coaching

Do you feel like your creativity, unique life story, and awakening experience is keeping you from connecting with the outside world? Or maybe you just want a place where you can find community to share your brilliant ideas with about ushering in a new way of living to the world. Whatever your need you found a place where you can come together with other individuals on a weekly basis to connect, confide in, and create.

Group coaching is an opportunity for all individuals to come together to connect, learn, and grow. Here we’ll dive deep together as a group on topics ranging from conscious creation and business to letting go of the past and embracing the future to understanding your own spiritual journey. We dive deep into all the things that make life worth living.


2x a month we’ll meet together for a 90 minute group video call. I will be presenting to the group on a topic that is relevant to your life now. Afterwards we will open the floor for live Q and A. Alongside our group calls you will be assigned a partner to do one video call a week. That partner will be from one of three categories below that you have picked for yourself so that you can connect and create an experience for one another.

This is for people who’ve experienced a narcissistic relationship either in romance, family, or friendship and our now healing the wounds of the past to carry on into the future.

This is for individuals who have a higher level of consciousness and our planning and creating a way to bring their own unique idea into the world.

This is for individuals who are waking up to their own divine nature. You are experiencing sensitivities, unexplainable sensations, and deep meditations. The new road ahead may not be clear or definable. But you’re not alone.

When and Where?

The process is simple. We’ll meet twice a month as a group using the online video platform zoom. You’ll need internet access and a computer. The dates for August have yet to be determined but will most likely be held Saturday at 12AM to 2PM (EST) on the 2nd and 4th week of the month. I will be doing a FREE webinar on August 11th at 2pm EST that will go into the details specifically. To sign up just click “Sign Up” below.
A Free Webinar will be held on Saturday August 11th at 5pm EST.


                              Only 20 Spots available! For a space message me HERE!


Send an email to or message me directly at this link HERE!  The next webinar series will be on Mastering Relationships. All success comes down to relationships. Business, romantic, and friendships make up our world. Managing these facets of life boils down to understanding relationships. To register for our next webinar on August 25th at 5 P.M. EST click HERE!

What Does A Group Session Look Like?

A group session comprises of a 45 minute LIVE presentation by me followed by a LIVE Q and A. After this I’ll also coach one individual.




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