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4 Key Principles of Leadership

In this article I will share with you four key principles that all leaders apply to their everyday actions. Master these and watch yourself step up the ranks.

#1 Propose solutions. Instead of asking for answers.

Some people always ask for answers. Have you seen them? They encounter some issue or problem and immediately their mind goes to asking for a solution from someone else. This does two specific things. One, it trains your brain to become dependent upon others instead of self-reliant and self-disciplined. Two, people will start to perceive you as a problem creator instead of a problem solver. Be a problem solver not a problem creator.

#2 Elicit desired responses. Instead of reacting.

It’s easy to react and harder to create. However, creating will give you closer to the results you really want. What does this mean? It means that in any given moment you have an opportunity to turn any situation around into your advantage. For instance, let’s say a customer comes to you complaining about a product that your company sold them. They’re being negative and cursing and yelling at you. Instead of focusing on this person defaming your companies name and family you can focus on how to make them an even more loyal customer and buying more of your product. How would you do that? Tell them that they are genuinely sorry and that you’d love to help them in anyway that you can. Offer to hear their whole story and ask them why they were disappointed. Then when they feel heard ask them if they’d like to hear an even better offer for the services you offer and at a discounted rate. Some people will always be hard no matter what but if you truly listen to a person and they felt heard you’d be surprised how open they’ll be to your suggestions.

#3 Ask for what you really want without ruining the relationship.

Many of us are afraid to ask our partners (romantic, familial, or friendship) for what we really want out of fear. We think that if our requests are to bold then people will get upset with us. Laugh at us. Or worse yet leave us. Make bold requests with confidence and a sense of gentleness and ease and watch your requests be meant in ways that you could’ve never imagined.

#4 Make decisions for yourselves and others.

Everyone who runs our country, from government to business are humans just like you. Leaders don’t always know what they’re doing they just choose to be the ones making the decisions. You can make the decisions for you or life will make the decision for you. Make decisions and be decisive. When I was in the military I was always taught that the worst decision is not making one. You won’t make the perfect decision. You never will. The key is to just make it, move on, and then adapt along the way. Life is already one series of adaptations, one after the next. So just make the decision, move on, and adapt because that is all you’ve been doing and will do for your entire life.

Love Jared.

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