Many people think that success is something that only the lucky and few get. They imagine it to be some ethereal thing that you either have or don’t have. However, success like many things in life, is a system. A system that once discovered and applied will bring you success in whatever area it is that you wish to have. But you have to follow these 3 simple rules if you want success in any area of your life.

#1 Build resiliency

What is resiliency? Resiliency is an object’s ability to endure. What does it mean to endure? It means to keep moving through despite facing challenges and obstacles. Businesses, relationships, or anything else for that matter that endure and last succeed because they have built in mechanisms that allow them to continue forward when something goes wrong. In other words, they expect things to go wrong but have fail safe systems so when something bad happens nothing worse can happen. Consider an electrical circuit.

Electrical systems, the safe ones that is, all have grounds. A ground is an attachment from the circuit to the ground so in case there is an over surge of energy the extra energy can flow into the ground which keeps from all the other circuits from frying. It’s a fail-safe system. Too much energy? No problem the energy just flows into the ground. Ask yourself this important key question.

How can I build resiliency in the systems of my life, business, relationships, etc? Where in your life do things go wrong? If you’re human it is everything. What goes wrong for you? Once you figure out what goes wrong for you in that area then put something in place a behavior or action that will keep that problem from happening again or from happening at all. That way when the issue arises you have the solution already in place and the show can go on seamlessly. Appreciate your problems in life because they give you clues to solutions. And when you find a solution build a failsafe into that system so a solution pops up instantly as soon as the problem arises. That means no problems for you.

#2 Have a plan……but be ready to completely throw out plan B and C and D.

Some of the greatest discoveries in the world came from complete accidents. Penicillin was discovered when Alexander Fleming, the 20th century scientist, took a vacation from his lab work and came back only to discover the substance that he left under the microscope killed off all other bacteria under the scope.

John Pemberton just wanted to cure headaches. A pharmacist by profession, Pemberton used two main ingredients in his hopeful headache cure: coca leaves and cola nuts. When his lab assistant accidentally mixed the two with carbonated water, the world’s first Coke was the result.

Creation happens right in the middle Between perfectly planned and spontaneity. In order for something new to arise it has to come from something old. In order for it to be new it has to be different from what came before it. Success comes the same way. Have a well-ordered plan in everything you do but recognize that things will go wrong and be flexible and ready to throw out the rulebook. This is the definition of innovation.

#3 Focus on expansion and passion not on staying afloat.

Many people in business or relationship focus on staying afloat. They ask themselves, “How do we keep this thing running? How do we get “through” the year? These are the wrong questions to ask. When you focus on staying afloat you’re merely meeting the status quo……barely. Ask yourself, “What would make this fun? How could I triple my results? How can I make more and do LESS?” Sounds to good to be true? When you think creatively and openly like this miracles happen. We’ve been conditioned by society to survive or accept the bare minimum. Within that conditioning is a specific type of mindset. The mindset is extremely limiting. Focus on expansion and where your next passion in your work or relationship is taking you and you’ll find your mind will open up with new plans and ideas that you never dreamed of happening. Allow your mind to dream and wander about something. Set aside time for dreaming and wandering about your work and what you’re passionate about. Consider it the Research and Development part of your work. Daydream about your work and relationships and then ask yourself, “ Is this really possible and if so how do I make it happen?” Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, got the idea for “downloading the entire web onto computers”. Larry Page dreamed it one night when he was 23 years-old.

Love. Jared.


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