Leaders make the world turn. They create change. That’s what they’re known for. We have these idealic images of the ultimate leader in the world and in business from Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg to Warren Buffet. While these are truly business leaders we can also be leaders in our relationships from romance to friendship. Being a leader in any area of life means one thing specifically, taking full responsibility and ownership for making something happen.

In this piece I will first share with you some myths that surround the quality of a leader and then I’ll share with you the 3 qualities that make up an effective leader in the world.

In our culture we’ve defined leaders as people who are strong, forward, effective, and communicative. We see leaders as being in control and in charge. However, true inspirational leaders, while they may have these characteristics have three distinct qualities that separate them from others.

#1 A true leader will know one position above him and another position below him.

This is vital to BEING a leader. What makes them so effective is that they are versatile in the hierarchy of the organization. A true leader knows the position above them so if they get called up to do more work then they know what it is that they have to do. A leader also knows the position below them which allows them to better empathize and communicate with that person because they know the role they’re playing. When you fill your organization with people who know the roles above them and below them everything happens in a smoother more efficient manner.

#2 They take full responsibility and ownership for making things happen.

Whether it is an event like a wedding or business trip, a romantic engagement, or an interview they take action and move things forward. They fully recognize and understand that nothing will make something happen unless they’re the ones to do it. They’re the people at the job who are proactive and who are always looking to do the next thing. Who are looking to take charge and step up when others look to other people. True leaders will see something needs to be done and then they’ll do it. Many people think that leaders always know what they’re doing and that’s what makes them confident. The truth? Leaders don’t always have the right answers they simply just take action and do and make it happen despite not having the full picture.

#3 They take action despite a lack of information.

Leaders create things and when your creating something it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an instruction manual. It can be scary not knowing what to do and yet at the same time a leader knows that something needs to be done. Leaders always take action. They don’t look to someone else for all the answers. It important to look for answers outside of yourself sometimes however in those situations when there is no authority a leader will take it upon himself to be the authority and make things happen despite the lack of direction.

Love. Jared.

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