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How To Build Trust

#1 Be open. Be honest. Show Your True Self.

When your open an honest other people will truly see you. When you’re open and you show your true self other people will feel connected to you because they will feel honest and open enough to share their true selves with you. Them sharing their true selves with you is a sign that they trust you.

Make people feel safe. When people feel safe they will open and want to connect with you. Feeling safe naturally allows us to open up to the world around us and step away from our hold heartaches and past traumas that keep us closed off.

#2 Show you faults and weaknesses.

Many of the times we see a person or character and we think a person is good at everything. Our mind enjoys to think about things in black and white. However, rarely is this ever the truth beneath the surface. We are all human. We all struggle. We all get tired and worn out. And we all have times where life beats us up. Be open with ourselves about your own struggles. Break the false idea that you are a guru or god or some idealized self. People will connect with you when you show them your true self and show your own humanity.

Personally, I still have questions about my own life. I know my purpose and what I want to do however I still have fears, anxieties, and worries that come up. I share this about myself with other individuals so they can come into my world and connect with me at a real human and authentic level.

#3 Be Generous With Your Time and Energy………But Have Clear Boundaries

Be generous with your time and energy in everything. But also know your boundaries and what you’re willing and not willing to do. When we are generous with others we open them up. It’s important to give to others but it’s also important to give to our self. Whatever you give to the universe  the universe will give back to you.

Love Jared.

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