In this video I will share with you 5 key ways to create company culture that allows your organization to thrive, be efficient, and maintain employee satisfaction and loyalty.

The culture of a company is key to a businesses’ success. If you don’t have the proper culture in place then you won’t be in a position to expand at a rate that you desire. The culture is the foundation of your company. Without it, all will fall into chaos. Here are key behavioral principles to employ within your company culture that will ensure efficiency, organization, and loyalty.

#1 Speaking Straight      

This goes for everyone. From the lowest paid workers all the way up to the CEO. No matter what your place in the hierarchy if everyone is speaking straight and you let go of the typical power dynamics that keep people from sharing what’s really going on within an organization information will flow freely up from the top and back down to the bottom and vice versa. Create a culture were people feel safe to share their upsets and grievances around work. Those upsets and grievances are blockages in the way your business performs. When each person is allowed to share their grievances no matter who is speaking to who all problems and issues sort them self out in a quicker manner leaving you with a business that flows with ease and grace.

 #2 Being For One Another

There is nothing wrong with internal competition. In fact, it motivates and excites most people. However, when each employee treats every other employee like a well-deserving human being with feelings, cares, and concerns then people feel valued. Feeling valued is key to performance. When each employee cares for another employee’s well-being each individual will strive to perform better because they feel valued. People naturally want to work hard and feel like they’re contributing but many don’t out of fear of what other people will think or do if they truly shine. Show your team members and co-workers no matter where they’re in the “pecking order” that they MATTER and have value. If you do this for them they will perform for you.

#3 Honoring Your Commitments

Many of the times we have expectations of people. We expect people to perform a certain way. We expect them to meet certain deadlines or be a certain way. Don’t have expectations with people. Make agreements with them and then honor that agreement. If John the manager says to Joe the team leader, “Let’s meet at 10.” Don’t just assume that Joe will meet you at 10. Make a commitment with him. Tell him, “Joe, can we meet at 10?” And until Joe AGREES to meeting at 10 then you’re good to go. You can also make an agreement telling John that if he feels like he will be late for whatever reason then he should inform you that he will be late within a certain deadline. Create agreements and commitments with fellow team members. Don’t just have unconscious expectations of them which will only lead them to confusion and chaos.

#4 Listening Generously

Listen generously to your members and co-workers. The information that they’re sharing with you will make your organization more effective. They’re at the ground level and they’re seeing something internal to the organization that you may not see. When you get that feedback then you can restructure the organization in a clear and clean and concise way and make things flow more efficiently. When employees feel heard they feel valued. And when people feel valued they will want to work harder for you.

#5 Acknowledging and Appreciating Everyone

It’s a natural human need to feel appreciated. There’s no false humility here. Humans love to feel like they’ve accomplished something and done something good for the betterment of themselves and the people around them. Whenever someone does a good job encourage them and acknowledge them for their hard work. They will feel valued and in turn work harder for you and the company.

Love. Jared.

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