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How To Let Go Of Fear:

#1  Face your fear by writing everything down!

Go deep into your fears like you’ve never been before. Most people run from their fears and go try to grab a chocolate bar or beer when confronting their fears. The great thing about fear is that it isn’t nearly as bad as it feels. Fear is legitimate and serves a purpose in our life. However, it isn’t something that we have to let control us. It’s just a thought. Move past the thought of fear and see what’s really under the surface and you will begin to uncover something amazing. That many of your worst fears that you think would feel horrible if happened aren’t nearly as bad if they did happen.

#2  If your worst fear did happen what could you do to bring everything under control? How could you repair the damage?

Our minds tend to think easily in worst case scenarios. We think in grandiose visions. “Go big or go home.” Don’t worry about this. You can recover from nearly every situation. Especially if you’re younger and in your prime. There isn’t actually too much to worry about. So write down your fears and then ask yourself, “If this did happen what could I do to fix the scenario or situation? How long would it take and what would it look like?”

 #3  What are the most probable outcomes of taking a risk? And if you did take that risk and succeeded what would it look like for you? What would you gain on the internal and external world?

Some people try things and fail and then decide to never try it again. Failing is a part of succeeding. It’s part and parcel. Take pride in any failure you do have, learn the lessons from them, pick-up the pieces and then carry on. If you try something and fail you will feel more confidence within yourself because you’re in the game and at least your trying. That’s what it means to be an inspiring figure. Leaders always fail. They’re just not afraid too because they know it’s a part of it.

#4  Ask yourself, “What is it costing me for not taking action?”

We also lose things when we don’t take action as well. Many people think that if I take risks and certain actions then I may lose everything. However, at the same token we lose a lot by not taking action. If you live a life that isn’t fulfilling and full of anxiety and worry what are you actually losing? You’re wasting precious moments of your life away. So see what your missing and losing in your life by not taking the action that you KNOW you MUST take. Test the waters. It’s OK to be slow with it. It takes sometime to swim if you’ve never been in the water. You don’t have to just dive fully in. However, you shouldn’t let your initial fears keep you from dipping your toes in and getting wet.

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