Leaders make the world turn. And in today’s busy marketplace having effective and efficient leaders is a must. However, finding great leaders is a rarity. Leaders are created and molded not born.

In this piece I will share with you the 5 different types of leadership styles and which one is the most valued and preferred according to researchers within the field of social psychology. Lastly, I’ll share with you the primary job of an effective and efficient leader.

#1 Autocratic Style

In this style of leadership leaders do not take into account what their subordinates are saying and expressing. The employees are entirely dependent upon their own bosses and don’t have any say in how things function at the workplace. In essence, outside of getting paid for their work they’re military members. They have very little say in how their life can be. This style of leadership creates a lack of motivation within the workplace because employees feel that they cannot express their own autonomy.

#2 Paternalistic Style

This type of leader takes on a fatherly role. He instructs and cares for his employees however he is also stern with them so he can accomplish the tasks that the company needs. Any complaints or grievances are brought up to this type of leader and he deals with them efficiently and effectively. Employees feel valued, respected, and heard by this type of leader. They like to show up to work and don’t see it as a burden because they know if something goes wrong then they have an advocate by their side.

#3 Democratic Style

In this style leaders’ welcome feedback and corrections. They engage in a two-way process with their employees asking how they can be better and how they can serve more powerfully. This type of work ensures that individuals have healthy and effective communication between management and the employees. All final decisions are made after the employees are listened and have given their two cents.

#4 Walker Managers

In this style managers treat themselves as an essential part of the team. They’re efficient listeners and interact with the employees on a daily basis but still maintain the power of making the final decisions. These managers act more as mentors to the employees, training them up to take over their position of responsibility. They are interactive with the entire community of employees ensuring that everyone is held together and that tasks are being met. According to Daniel Goleman, a famous social psychologist who has written numerous books in detail about organizational management this style of management is the most successful in terms of creating efficiency and effectiveness.

In any organization the leader’s hardest task is maintaining a healthy balance between managing relationships effectively and getting tasks done. When there are too many tasks to be done naturally relationships falter, employee satisfaction goes down, and teamwork disintegrates. The best leaders and managers effectively balance both getting tasks completed and attending to relationships. When both of these are in alignment and equal then everything gets completed.

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