In this article I want to share with you how to be Extra-ordinary. First, I will share with you some misconceptions about people who we think are extraordinary and then I will share with you how the extraordinary people actually think, behave, and act.


Many of the public masses think that to be extraordinary means working incredibly hard all the time, always being on the go and on the move, and being engaged 24/7. We imagine extraordinary people to be these incredible visionaries who climb mountains in their free time and eat nails for breakfast. Some people imagine extraordinary people to not have time to speak and talk with others or to truly care for other humans beings, other then themselves. We imagine extraordinary people to be self-obsessed, narcissistic, and after money.


While I’m not saying that these people exist the more that I have the privilege and opportunity to meet with extraordinary people in my work and in my training the more I realize that they are just that: EXTRA-ordinary. Extremely ordinary. So ordinary that it makes them seem not human.


That’s the irony of this. The people who are so extraordinary are the most down to earth and grounded individuals that you can meet. Why? Because they’re incredibly in touch with life, how it works, and the truth of existence.


Many of us focus on others. We focus on others, how they’ll think of us, what we look like to them but if you look closely it’s not about the other person at all it’s about ourselves. I can tell you this KEY fact about what I’ve noticed about the most successful and extraordinary people.


They have very little concepts of themselves. They’re not focused on themselves but rather they are focused on other people. They’re focused on other people so much and delivering such high quality value that they themselves don’t even come into the equation. Want to know how to become the greatest public speaker? Focus on connecting to your audience so much that you forget that you’re even on a stage speaking to other individuals.


Deep incredible connection is the true way to become an extraordinary person. Focus on others so much that the YOU disappears from the equation all together. Extraordinary people, when you interact with them, will naturally make you feel like there is no other human being on the planet but you. Because they truly care for your well-being. As I get older and mature and the concept of my self changes and evolve I continually am reminded of the brief nature of the self.


The self is always changing. YOU are always changing. And if you want to become an extraordinary human being realize that you are a human becoming and that YOU is not a static thing. You can change and morph into whatever it is that you want. As long as you are willing to take new actions and step out of your old identities.


Realize how extra ordinary that you truly are. Live a simple life. Focus on yourself, what you want to accomplish, and how you want to serve the world in a powerful way. When you focus on this and let all the other noise drown out then something within you will emerge that is truly extraordinary.


With Deepest Blessings and Pranams  

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