School For The Solopreneur

Learn How I Generate Over 10K A Month Online

Do You DREAM Of Building A Business Around Your Passion?

Do You DESIRE Financial Freedom?

Do You IMAGINE Traveling Anywhere In The World And Working 100% online?


What Is School For The Solopreneur?


Solopreneur school is a 16 week online course combined with one live 3 day event for aspiring solopreneurs who wish to take their influence, income, and impact to the next level.

If you are a coach, consultant, or someone who wants to startup their passion online then enter the School For The Solopreneur. 

In one year I learned how to generate an average of over 10K a month and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you so you can have a lifestyle that affords you financial freedom and flexibility with time all the while being able to work from anywhere in the world.

Imagine living a life on the go, transforming peoples lives, living your passion. And securing the amount of income you desire.

Most courses will share with you how to do one thing really well. They’ll teach you social media, Facebook ads, mastering funnels, or sales. Imagine a program that teaches you how to do it all?

In this four month course you’ll learn everything that I did to create a 100% online business that generates me an income of over 10K a month…….GURANTEED.

How would your life change if you knew you could travel anywhere in the world at any time and make a good living for yourself?


The School For The Solopreneur will teach you:

  • How To Use Social Media…..specifically Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to build an online coaching and consulting business.


  • How To Build A Digital Infrastructure that showcases your brand while generating a high amount of prospects and leads.


  • The Psychology of Selling….Sell like a Master through service and story….and from the heart


  • How To Break Through Your Own Psychology and Limiting Beliefs to create the amount of wealth you desire



No other course uses The Power Of Social Media combined with the Knowledge of Human Psychology and Heart-Centered Sales. The course is tailor-made so you can Master the Three parts of a successful business.




Digital Space and Social Media

Human Psychology and Breakthrough

Selling and Branding

I get it!

There’s an endless list of courses out there that offer classes on all of these, and it can be overwhelming. But what you don’t know is that many of the people who offer those classes haven’t gotten results. They know the material but they haven’t lived the experience.
I know the material and I’m living it!

What You’ll Get:



  • A Step-by-Step BLUEPRINT to setting up your own digital space to maximize your leads and prospects by 150%.

  • A tailormade guide to MASTERFUL STORYTELLING to wrap your audience’s attention and call in “your tribe”.



  • A Master Sketch of HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY so selling becomes 2nd Nature with no fear.



  • Full confidence in your Technical Skillsand Soft Skillabilities to start up a successful full-time consulting/coaching business 100% online.


Still unsure if the program is a right fit for you?

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