Have you had that experience where you’re excited about creating something in your life but then hold back? Maybe it’s about starting a new business, reaching out to someone you like for a date, or planning a party with friends. There’s times where we get excited and open about making positive change in our life and creating however after this sudden jolt of excitement and new possibility we can be put into a place of fear and worry about how it will change our life, how family and friends will perceive us. We worry about being estranged from family members and friends and the communities that we are a part of if we push things too far. And in response to these subtle unconscious fears we unconsciously play ourselves down.

               In this piece I’m going to share with you how to switch your focus from fear to service. From my experience I firmly believe that you can have it all. Beautiful material things, fulfilment, and joy in the world. However, it’s our subconscious fears of how life will react to us if we start taking action steps that keep us down. Here’s my story, past problems, and solution!

               When I first started my work I felt like an imposter. I felt like who was I to be out there in the world or on camera telling people the best way to live when I myself didn’t have the right answers. Who was I to step up into my own power and influence the world with my gifts? Self-doubt and fear governed a majority of my thought processes.

               One day, I finally had a breakthrough. I realized that my focus and emphasize wasn’t on the people I wanted to serve but rather it was on me. My worries all revolved around myself. How would I look? What would people think of me? Would they take me seriously?

               The more you focus on those thoughts and allow them to expand and fill up your mind the more trouble you’ll have trying to offer your service to the world. The best businesses, and by best I mean the most successful, don’t focus on themselves. They focus on the service they offer to others. And that’s the solution!

               Focus on the service you have to offer others and how you can enrich their lives. That’s what it’s all about! If you want to be fulfilled and joyful and make the money that you desire to create what it is that you want in your life then simply own your desire to serve.

               Service isn’t about you!

               What gift do you have to share with the world? Is it a health product? Is it your singing voice? Your talent in a musical instrument? It doesn’t matter what it is? Whatever it is just show up and share it with the world. And anytime you start to feel yourself get small and backdown let go of the fear of others and their thoughts and opinions and focus on how you can empower them.   

               It’s about the other person! It’s about changing someone else’s life. If your own self-image and self-worth is more important to you then the service you have to offer other people then you should check the industry and profession you have. If you truly believe in your product or service then it’s your right, duty, and ownership to get it into the hands of as many people as possible. If you truly believe that it will empower people and make their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable then put yourself out there, own your power, and deliver the goods you have to offer to the world in whatever form that takes.

               Your service is about other people not you. Ironically, the quickest way to empower yourself is to take the attention and focus off of yourself and place it on other people. Ask yourself each morning, “How can I make the world a better place? How can I create a better life for myself and the people I engage with in the world?” If you ask yourself these questions day in and day out and take action around them then in a short amount of time you’ll find yourself living a whole new life.



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